This photomanipulation involves extracting the subject and placing them in the background using a layer mask, adding some light effects, and some filters. This is a pretty easy manipulation so don't be intimidated by the results. I will be giving tips for improvement so follow carefully. This tutorial (as with every tutorial) is in the Filipino language so that my fellow countrymen can understand clearly.

Final Image

This tutorial is made first by Andrei Oprinca in his tutorial website. I just used the same because it is very effective in teaching the first timers in photomanipulation. I don't claim ownership of any images in the link nor the whole idea of the tutorial but then anyway, enjoy the Filipino version!

Video Tutorial

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About the Author

Hi! I am Angel. I am a self-taught graphic artist I have been using Photoshop for over 5 years. I learn from web tutorials and maybe it's now my turn to share my knowledge to my fellow Filipino people. I'll be sharing my videos in Taglish (Tagalog x English) form so don't worry fellow Pinoy, I've got you covered!