Someone asked me how to create a simple glow effect in Photoshop to make his image a tad brighter. While some others may suggest using the diffuse glow filter, I myself wants to use this technique rather because I find more options using this method and I also admit that I can't find the diffuse glow in Photoshop CS6. It's fairly simple and easy to do. Just follow the video tutorial below.

In this tutorial we're gonna extract two images and place it together so that it looks like one. I'll give the download links to the two images we're gonna be using for this tutorial below.

One of the issues in creating a realistic photomanipulation is creating artificial shadows. You determine the light source and must have a good knowledge in shading and shadows. Here we're gonna ditch the method of drawing shadows completely but still create a very realistic shadow effect. How? We're gonna use the natural shadow cast by the subject image and place it behind it.

This photomanipulation involves extracting the subject and placing them in the background using a layer mask, adding some light effects, and some filters. This is a pretty easy manipulation so don't be intimidated by the results. I will be giving tips for improvement so follow carefully. This tutorial (as with every tutorial) is in the Filipino language so that my fellow countrymen can understand clearly.

The pen tool is a very powerful selection tool in Photoshop. It requires patience in using but the results can be great. You can control the paths with great accuracy and you can make adjustments even after making a path.

With this tool we can extract any image we want to extract. With just a ton of patience we can create a very accurate extraction of an image.

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About the Author

Hi! I am Angel. I am a self-taught graphic artist I have been using Photoshop for over 5 years. I learn from web tutorials and maybe it's now my turn to share my knowledge to my fellow Filipino people. I'll be sharing my videos in Taglish (Tagalog x English) form so don't worry fellow Pinoy, I've got you covered!