Well I've been working my self really hard to do this. My time is kinda short and my laptop has gave up on me so I need to work on a shared PC at home to do this. Early this year maybe I'll be buying a Microsoft Surface 2 to provide for my blogging needs. Anyway here's a picture of my desktop on the left. Enjoy the cold breeze of the new year folks!
Anyway, I've just got this post up so I can test the website when it comes to handling multiple posts on the homepage. Just don't bother reading this post again for my comfort haha. I'll try to make everything up and running by February or late January. I'll be busy preparing for the school's foundation week (I'll be the organizer for the battle of the bands, and yes, I am a musician in case you're asking). For now, I'll try my best to finish anything I can do. God bless ya'll!
This is a blockquote test phrase. Don't bother reading this please.

  1. Number 1
  2. Number 2
  3. Number 3
  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3
I guess everything's kinda settled for now. I'll try to make my first tutorial (maybe).

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Hi! I am Angel. I am a self-taught graphic artist I have been using Photoshop for over 5 years. I learn from web tutorials and maybe it's now my turn to share my knowledge to my fellow Filipino people. I'll be sharing my videos in Taglish (Tagalog x English) form so don't worry fellow Pinoy, I've got you covered!